Wall Street Analysts Think Discovery (DISCA) Could Surge 41%: Read This Before Placing a Bet

Discovery Communications (DISCA) closed the last trading session at $29.34, gaining 25.3% over the past four weeks, but there could be plenty of upside left in …


Trading through divergence

For all situations mentioned earlier, there is a solution called divergence trading as the lesson title suggests.


How can we choose a suitable broker?

In fact, what qualities should a potent broker have? 1. low commission: a broker with a low commission means you …


Who is Broker?

To become active in the financial marketing world, you need a broker. You should know who is a broker and …


Why Forex market?

It may come to many people minds that when one can trade in gold, USD, property and do business in …


How to do business in the Forex market?

Not very long ago, whenever the subject of trading a market was mentioned, our imagination would immediately illustrate a crowded …


What other transactions can be carried out in this market?

Generally the forex market involves trading and exchanging paired currencies. For example; Euro/USD – Euro/JPD and all other known paired …

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