For Traders

As reliable and experienced broker, ITBFX has an ongoing research plan to optimize its services for traders. Based on our mission, we have devoted our experts to provide best insight and service platforms for YOU, because your satisfaction matters to us. Followings are the list of services we provide for all our costumers and audiences. If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact us.


As a professional trader, you must first choose the appropriate account which is most suitable for you. We offer three different accounts including standard, share and Pro. Each account has its own features and application. If you want to know more about ITBFX accounts, please click on the following link. All accounts are thoroughly discussed and explained.

Download MT5

ITBFX MT5 is designed and developed by a well-known company which has over two decades of experience. To ease your trading, we have included several features in our MT5. If you want to know what are our MT5 awesome features, click on the link below. You can also download it for your platform (windows, Mac, i.o.s or Android).


Windows 7, 8 and 10


Macbook and imacs


Iphones and Ipads


all Android devices

Experience our unique partnership plan

Here in ITBFX, not only we cooperate with experts, but also present Ground-Zero partnership plan. There are many benefits and rewards for our partners. If you want to know more about our partnership plans and features, just click on the link below. Keep in mind that our partners will never be alone! Our experts will become your personal coach to help you catch your dreams.

Promotions By ITBFX

ITBFX has three main promotional plans for traders. Namely they are:

1.deposit bonus
2. non-deposit bonus
3. loyalty programs. 

Non-Deposit Bonus

ITBFX provides unconditional bonus for any traders who opens an account in ITBFX portal. 30$ Bonus comes totally free for you to start trading as soon as you open the account. Enjoy this free bonus and also consider its rules.

Deposit Bonus

Get free 25% bonus every time you charge your account. This bonus not only increases your initial deposit, 

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty plan is based on decades of experience. As we keep supporting you, we will find out more about your personality and habits. When the time comes, we will surprise you they way nobody has done so far! Our programs is not only money and cashes. We might take you on a around the world tour, to Disney land, desert tour, setup a meeting with your favorite singer, comedian or etc,. Trust us, it will be best tailored based on your personality.

Non-deposit Rules

1. Open account and submit you document and get 30$ bonus.
2. To get the bonus, trade at least 3 lot.
3. The whole bonus should be traded within a month.
4. Maximum of 200$ can be achieved.

Deposit Rules

1. Unlimited 25% more charge, each time you charge.
2. To get the bonus, you need to trade 1 lot per each 5 dollars of bonus.
3. The whole bonus should be traded within a month.

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