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    Download and install MetaTrader 5 for IOS

    In this article, we try to make good comments about installing and using our trading software, MetaTrader 5 for IOS, and you enjoy using and trading with this software in the Forex markets and  MetaTrader5 for iOS Click here to download directly from this website. MetaTrader 5 software installation for ios

    First we open the App Store application.

    Then we look for the title of MetaTrader 5.

    Among the items found, we find a MetaTrader 5 application and then click on “Install” button. Note that the name and the icon of software are as follows:

    MetaTrader 5 for ios

    We wait for the download and installation stages to be completed. MetaTrader 5 app was successfully installed. Then, go to Setting

    install MetaTrader 5 on ios

    Click on new account In next step, There is three options:

    • Open a real account: You can open a real account via this option, we explain more later.
    • Open a personal demo account: You can open a personal demo account here.
    • Login to an existing account: This is for  those who have a real or demo account, and tend to login to his/her personal account and start trading.

    Now, we opt “open a personal demo account

    how to install metatrader 5 on ios

    Search “ITBFX” in search broker field In personal information, you can fill or change our name, phone number,email address.


    Afterwards, click on register. There is 3 parameter that you get, you have to write it and keep, because you need these to login your account.

    download metatrader 5 for ios

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